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Why First Women’s Bank?

It’s in our DNA!

First Women’s Bank is uniquely positioned to serve the women’s economy. It’s in our DNA.

First Women’s Bank is the only women-founded, women-owned and women-led commercial bank in the country with a strategic focus on the women’s economy. Our clients are entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders – moms, daughters and caregivers. So are we. 

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First Women’s Bank is an innovative commercial bank on a mission to grow the economy and ELEVATE the role of women within it.

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Despite consistent growth in the women's economy, there is a significant gender gap in access to capital

First Women’s Bank formed to bridge this gap

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Women receive just 16% of all conventional business loans and just 4.4% of the total dollar amount, limiting their businesses from reaching their full potential.

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The Global economy could grow by $2.5 trillion if women and men around the world participated equally.

Source: Senator Maria Cantwell, “21st Century Barriers to Women’s Entrepreneurship,” Majority Report of the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 2014 and “Want to Boost the Global Economy by $5 Trillion? Support Women as Entrepreneurs,” Boston Consulting Group, 2019.

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